Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Is Olympic a SPORTS or WELLNESS event?

Bolt’s “triple treble” feat was driven to make history! Mo Farah completed double-double after accidently tripped in his 10,000 meter finals. Sindhu fought valiantly to win India’s first silver medal in Badminton.
These folks are driven by competitive spirit and hunger to reach the top. They are in excellent physical and mental health. But that was just the means to reach the end.
Why do we play sports?
I think when we were kids, sports was all about FUN. Competition, challenge & engagement motivated us to run to playing fields everyday.
We were never told in school or by our parents to play sports for good health. By-product of playing active sports was increased fitness levels & mental health.
Professional sports person play for recognition, special treatment & for money. When we watch Olympians in action, their endurance, strength, flexibility and fitness levels awe us. But I don’t think any one of them consider wellness as their key objective while adopting sports.
This is the crux of “corporate employee wellness programs?”
It cannot be sold to employees as wellness or health programs. You cannot preach them in their adulthood “what to eat, how much to walk or when to sleep?”
When we started corporate employee wellness initiative in 2012, we positioned GetActive as a FUN & ENGAGEMENT initiative for employees. We designed competition, team events, individual challenges based on STEPS.
With HR team, we designed framework for recognition, motivation & rewards for participation and performance.
Outcome was mind-boggling. We consistently achieved 75%+ engagement. We were able to show tangible results on health parameters like weight-loss, energy levels and stress. We could help employees manage conditions like diabetes, migraine, acidity and joint pains. Cisco results is a case in point.
Like Olympic, we need to view corporate wellness in a different light. Outcome would be ACTIVE & ENERGIZED employees. But message & program should be aligned with the interest of employees.
At GetActive, we continue to focus in helping corporates to become ACTIVE. We do this with FUN. Outcome is happy & healthy workforce. We thus help build a lifelong habit of staying active & healthy.
Contribution: Mohammed Hussain Naseem – Founder & CEO