Thursday, 3 March 2016

ROI on Health & Wellness Corporate Programs

Today corporate companies are doing many new initiatives in the space of Health & Wellness for employees. Traditional activities are – health insurance coverage, health/medical talks, onsite clinics, ambulance service, counseling services for employees, routine annual health check, health screening camps etc. Some of the new initiatives include nutrition services for weight management, STEP Challenge to increase level of physical activity, and few other online services that help build healthy habits in employees.

The activities mentioned above are executed as per the calendar drawn up by the HR team, in consultation with their insurance/wellness partner(s).

The budget for Health & Wellness services is continuously increasing, as employer is keen to keep their human asset healthy, physically active & engaged with their organization.


Benefits team responsible for execution of these activities has DATA on how each of these programs was responded by employees, participation levels, demographic break-up and employee’s feedback on specific programs.

However, each of these activities are planned & executed in silos. Single view is currently missing. HR has qualitative matrix on these programs, which gives them a comfort that it is creating positive impact on their subjects. CFO believes that these activities are for regulatory compliance, hence a cost center. For employees, it fails to engage them effectively, hence very less motivation to participate.

Drawing up a ROI on corporate Health & Wellness program is currently absent. Hence, allocation of budget is discretionary as no clear business outcome is visible.

Approximately 10 million white-collar workers are employed in IT/ITes, finance, real estate, business services & other fast growth industries in a relatively high income job (at a minimum salary levels of USD 5000 per annum). This category is growing year on year. Lifestyle of these workers is predominantly sedentary, hence prone to lifestyle diseases.

Hence, it is important that corporates should invest in technologies, which allow them to execute, manage and monitor the Health & Wellness program in real time basis, define quantitative matrix and measure outcomes against business goals.


2mpower Health Management Services (P) Limited design & develop Wellness solution for corporates using technologies which provide effective management of such initiatives, execution excellence & analytics for ROI.

Contribution: Mohammed Hussain Naseem – CEO |
2mpower Health Management Services Private Ltd.

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