Friday, 5 September 2014

Right way to Run

Running is a new corporate fad. Everyone is keen to qualify as a marathoner. Even a small run of few kilometers is qualified as a marathon event. On weekends, you can find people running in small groups, all geared-up in branded accessories.

Mobile apps, new age wearable technology gadgets or activity trackers are becoming commonplace. These products help broadcast your achievements to social networking sites instantly, which is a bigger kick!

I firmly believe in adequate physical activity everyday, hence a proponent of long distance running. Here, I am attempting to suggest tips on running, which can prevent injuries and help you enjoy running on a daily basis with fun and positive energy.

Do’s for running:
  • Use the front (broader) part of your foot, after the toes for landing on ground.
  • Try to be as light footed as possible, and use the complete body movement (core muscles) to lift your weight.
  • Breathe from abdomen and keep breathe-out time double of your breathe-in time. 
Don’ts for running: 
  • Avoid landing on your heel, this can damage your knees and create shin pain.
  • Never land with a force, this shows you are not using complete body for running.
  • Do not bend your spine, keep it in straight line, with a forward angle.

Adequate physical activity is not achieved by just running for a specific period in a day. Use running to enhance your overall physical activity of walking in a day. Distribution of physical activity throughout a day improves your metabolism and strengthens your core muscles.

GetActive or similar Wearable Tech products like Fitbit can help you assess your distribution of physical activity levels, apart from quantifying the information on steps, calories burnt, distance walked and total active time spent in a day.

GetActive, a step towards a healthy & active lifestyle.

Contribution: Mohammed Hussain Naseem – CEO |
2mpower Health Management Services Private Ltd.