Sunday, 22 May 2011

Fat and Money

Our body need small quantity of fat for maintaining proper body functions. It is used in protein synthesis and for many other biochemical processes of body as a catalyst. Access food is diligently converted into fat, to be used as an energy reserve, essential during sleep or under emergency.When quantity of fat increases beyond the necessary amount, it starts interfering with normal body functions. In fact it becomes the cause for slow deterioration thereby inviting various diseases. However, if physical activity is proportionately increased, fat is effectively dissipated and it also helps in strengthening body muscles.

Money has a similar connotation as fat. It is essential in small quantity to address daily need for self and family. When money is produced in excess, it becomes boon or bane based on its utilization. When excess money is effectively deployed to address the need of poor people, it benefits the society and enhances your reputation. Otherwise it becomes the source of unhappiness in the family.

Healthy people effectively deploy their fat & money for good health and happiness.

Friday, 20 May 2011

Conflict with Nature

Just observe for a moment your body. Your body is doing zillions of routine tasks at levels of cells, tissues and organs. Wheather it is repair of torn ligament or processing of air for blood purification or filteration of toxins. Each task is performed with precision of time and quality. Else you will not exist.

When you run to catch a bus or panic out of fear, again body has to respond instantaneously by giving additional energy or alerting the system for flight or fight. This adaptation happens continuously 24x7. And body responds without neglecting the routine tasks.

Beyound the routine work, your mind is continuously innovating ideas/thoughts as you interact with your environment. It can be an advice to a dear friend or solving a problem.

So your body does routine tasks with precision, continuously adapt to new challenges and stay creative with innovative approaches. This is the law of nature.

Now you observe yourself. Most of us tend to fail on all three counts. We default in our routine tasks time and again. And blame it on emergencies. When CHANGE comes, we procastinate or find excuse for avoiding it. And finally, most of us lack creativity or innovation. Be it at work or otherwise.

Life has to become difficult if we go against our nature.

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

"Let Go" trait

Many times it happens that we are not able to control our anger and make statements which hurt others. We may be right in getting angry, but not necessarily in our expression. Sometime it is NOT possible to control ourselves. Most of us succumb to such moments.

However, when we continue our anger and let our EGO not allow us to make first move towards reconciliation, we lose out. If we can practice to think objectively post our argument, and make first move to solve the issue at hand, we have won the battle. Remember, post such splash, both the parties are feeling bad about the incident and are highly susceptible towards compromise. First mover advantage gives you the upper hand.

Psychologist call this exercise as building your "Let Go" muscles. This is the first step towards winning over your anger. Once "Let Go" muscles are strengthened, our ability to remain calm under tense situation also improves.

Try this out and win over your adversaries.

Sunday, 15 May 2011


Solitude is an important part of human nature. It helps us connect back with our self and with the nature. It is like observing the world around us, while staying detached with it. Not many of us understand and appreciate this phase properly. Hence, we try to avoid it by engaging into meaningless activities. People who have not developed this ability, feel lonely and bored when left on their own.

Solitude is an important aspect of wellness. It is NOT meditation. It is a phase which allows us to revalidate our values, ponder on our existance and its relevance to people and surrounding in which we exist.

Today in a nuclear family world, we have enough time to understand, nourish and practice solitude. Destress and simplify your life through meaningful solitude.

Thursday, 12 May 2011

Ritual vs. Responsibility

When you do a task as a ritual, it has a small shelf life. It fades away after a while. When you join a fitness regime for a regular workout, it is mainly taken as a ritual. Hence within a short period, it loses novelty. And you are back to your old sedentary lifestyle.

On the contrary, when you take a task as your responsibility, it continues perpetually. This include your tasks as head of family, as a parent, as a spouse, as a professional and so on. Hence, for health and wellbeing activity to sustain forever, it has to be taken as a RESPONSIBILITY. Once you have adopted this approach, you will enjoy the fruits of good health.

Mind Shifts

Mind Shift is a good technique to allow you to do things outside your comfort zone. Every time when we confront a task, our mind evaluates it on two counts: 1. How URGENT is this task for your personal gain? and 2. Is the task falls within your comfort zone? The quantity of resistance is seen based on the answers to above questions. Training your mind to allow shift in this decision, plays an important part in personal growth. Try this technique on simple things first. Say your food/lifestyle habits: No dessert after meal; Getting up on regular time despite of late night activity; No cola with and after meals etc. Small mind shifts allow you to take bolder decisions outside your comfort zone in the future.

Travelling Woes

I hear this umpteen number of times from my clients. "Everything was going well but since last week I am on travel!" Travel is a part of your busy corporate life. Your health regime cannot be bartered for it. This trade-off will make any health and wellbeing program ineffective. What you need to learn is "how to create slots for your daily physical/mental activity during this hectic trip." And coupled with it be smart in not missing on the key food items in your diet - like whole fruits, wholesome salad, bran, curd/skim milk & dry fruits. Beside this eat other things available intelligently. I have personally inculcated this in my lifestyle, and it pays handsomely. Believe me, once you decide to do it, it is very much feasible. Else, your excuse factory will continue to mislead you forever...

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Axis of Health

Do you know what is Axis of Health? It is just like an integer chart. Negative numbers on your left side, zero in the middle and positive numbers on right side. Axis of Health represent Good Health on right side, Status Quo in the middle and Disease Condition on left side. Most of us never experience the state of Good Health. After we are born, we spend early part of adolescent years in the centre of this axis, then start sliding towards the left side - getting consumed in the state of disease for the rest of our life.

State of wellness is an ardous uphill journey towards an experience of Good Health. Few who have lived that state, cherish it forever. I wish our future hospitals can transform into holistic well-being centers, helping people to look and travel on right side of Axis of Health!

Monday, 9 May 2011

How much time is good enough?

Many people ask me this question! How much time is good enough for wellness regime? People have different views on this. Some say that one hour every other day should suffice. Others claim that every day 30-45 minutes is better. I think people misunderstand physical activity regime with wellness regime. For wellness regime to work effectively, it has to be 24x7. Wellness should reflect in your each and every activity. Starting with morning hygiene, breakfast, putting a seat-belt in your car, driving, talking to your peers, attending business meeting, spending time with your children, family dinner or going to bed. Wellness has to be a way of life. Infact one of the reason for religion to come into existance is to implement wellness in our life.

Thursday, 5 May 2011

Dental Hygiene

Some of you will think why we have chosen such an obvious topic for our newsletter this month!

In our last sixteen months of interaction with hundreds of people with varied background, we realized that 80% people are ignorant about dental hygiene. And 100% are not following the complete regime for maintaining healthy teeth.

Proper dental hygiene is linked to reduced incidence of heart disease and is correlated with greater longevity. Less than 1% Indian report regular dental hygiene compared to 20% in developed economies.

Dental hygiene means removal of food particle trapped after every meal or snack we take. Food particle left unattended attracts bacteria, which while feeding on trapped food produces acid. Acid decays the strongest of human bone - our tooth. Process of decay is very slow, however continuous. Hence, we start having cavities (bacteria reaching the pulp) as early as thirty years of age.

Most of us brush regularly with an intention to prevent this damage. However, technique deployed is incorrect, which continue to damage our gums and helps in further tooth decay.

Here are simple techniques for healthy teeth:

1. Brushing:   Twice a day, vertical from gums towards tooth at 45 degree angle. Intention is to massage the gums and remove trapped food particles between teeth. It hardly feels like brushing!!

2. Flossing: Once at bed time to remove food particles trapped between gums and tooth. Take the floss along the curve of the tooth (not vertical) to prevent damage to gums.

3. Mouth wash with potassium permanganate (add few crystals to one liter of water) daily. This disinfects, neutralizes acid and controls growth of nuisance microorganism.

4. And finally massage gums regularly with your fingers using ayurvedic products like Gum Tone.

Food containing fluoride and low acidity is beneficial for maintaining healthy teeth. Green tea (fluoride rich), milk based non-sweetened food (low acidity, enriches calcium), fruits like apple, strawberries, kiwis (strengthen gums) and water (keeps teeth hydrated) are good.

Foods and drinks containing sugar and acid (fruit juice, colas, black tea/coffee, citrus fruits, cake, chips etc.) are detrimental. Hence, proper mouth wash and/or brushing is necessary after their consumption.

Have a beautiful smile

From the CEO's desk - Mohammed H. Naseem

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Values & Actions

Our good health is linked to our value system. Every action is decided by values which we have for self, family, society and work. These values start forming from childhood days. A balanced value system helps in clam and composed personality. Skewed and strained value fabric is the foundation for conflict, which produces negative energy. Conflict causes sustained or chronic STRESS in our life. And foundation of disease starts with chronic stress. Today's lifestyle diseases are the by-product of this condition.

Hence, foundation of good health should begin with balancing your values in the above four areas. This will automatically ensure your compliance to health regimen. Which will result is Good Health.