Saturday, 1 May 2010

What is 2mpower?

I have a very simple question to ask. What do you do when you have a heart burn which seems to be increasing day by day and does not go away even after taking some antacids???

Well the most obvious thing to do is go to a doctor and pop some pills and that takes care of the heart burn!

Well after 15 days, heart burn is back but now it is accompanied with head ache. So what do you do now? Go back to the doctor? Take some more pills?

Where did we go wrong?
The answer is very simple, instead of treating the root cause of the problem; we have been treating the symptom all along!!!

You would be surprised to know that there is more than one reason for heart burn. It can be as follows:
1. Improper dietary habits - Nutrition
2. Sedentary lifestyle - Physiotherapist
3. Inability to cope with stress - Psychologist
4. Clinical condition like dyspepsia or gastro-esophageal reflux disease - Clinician

If we can identify the root cause, we would be able to take care of the heart burn problem and can prevent it from recurring.

So how do we do that? Do we have time to meet each expert? Even if we do, can we make these experts to talk and give the common solution. Nope:). So we resort to quick fix - Gelusil or any other symptom relief medicine.
You wonder if there can be a utopian place, which can have experts and can give holistic solutions for all your health concerns! Yes, there is one such place in Bangalore. That place, which I call a third space, is 2mpower. Read on to know more about 2mpower, What it is? What it is not??

What 2mpower is NOT!
It is NOT a fitness centre or a gym. It is NOT a slimming centre or beauty salon. It is NOT a clinic or a diagnostic centre. And it is NOT a spa or instant rejuvenation centre.

And what 2mpower is?

It is a centre for holistic health management, focused on assessment, management and control of health risk factors thereby improving your health asset.

This sounds good, but how 2mpower can help manage my health risks?

In 2mpower centre, team of competent healthcare experts from the field of medicine, nutrition, physiotherapy and psychology work as ONE team to assess the individual health. The assessment includes complete clinical checkup with biochemical and diagnostic tests, followed by detailed consultation with health experts in the four fields as mentioned above. Based on in-depth information and family history, healthcare experts identify key health risk areas and long term goals. This is used to design personalized care plan with short term approaches for effective month-on-month execution, measurement and review.

Approach is definitely unique, but how it is made effective and doable?

Each client has assigned health coach. Initial monthly plans are designed keeping in mind client's motivation levels and culture. Focus is on education, so that client appreciates the reason behind care plan design. Psychological inputs are used to effectively trigger and encourage the compliance on care plans. Health coach regularly shares the progress analysis of client activity history. This is effectively used to improvise as well as motivate for next level.

It sounds like what we use to have in old days?

Yes, at 2mpower, health asset is improved by enhancing self healing capacity of human body. Medicine is minimized by encouraging intake of good nutrition. Support is provided for effective physical exercise through trained physiotherapist. Doctor relies on family history, medical records and effective clinical analysis for identifying root cause of any illness. The psychologist help in managing work-life balance and inculcating behavioral modifications as desired.

How old is 2mpower setup and how many clients 2mpower has?

2mpower is conceived by senior folks from corporate world, who have seen neglect of health due to work pressure and improper guidance. Senior folks from healthcare industry with combined experience of 200 man years are fuelling this organization. It has completed three quarters with 50 retail clients and one corporate client. Read what our client has to say about us:

-“I joined the program since I felt that the time had come to take charge of my health since my weight was on a higher side. After I joined the program, I was diagnosed as diabetic and was immediately put on a diet and exercise plan with minimal medication. The plans given by the care team was practical, easy to adhere and really blended with my culture. 2mpower team ensures regular monitoring & follow up which is something very good especially for a professional like me. With the amount of follow ups and consultations I feel that the program is very cost effective and has met my expectations. I would definitely recommend 2mpower to my family and friends- Mr. Rajendra Kumar-Senior Consultant, Infosys
If you would like to get more details, you can visit the website
2mpower stands for empowerment of consumers of health. This is a modest effort to help you to take charge of your health through a structured and scientific program before it is too late to enjoy good health forever...

From the desk of your health manager ‚ Mohammed Hussain Naseem

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