Monday, 1 March 2010

Nutrition Tips @Work

There is an English proverb which says -“Don't dig your grave with your own knife and fork."

This seems to be a true statement since that is what all of us seem to be doing these days.  Even though consciousness about health has increased to certain extent, it still does not seem to be the number one priority.  And the reason behind it is WORK, WORK and more WORK.

Economic growth has increased the job opportunities but has lead to other lifestyle changes.  Such changes include increased amount of stress, irregular meal timings, spending less quality time with family or for ourselves.

Earlier times there were not so much of work pressure, only men in the family used to go out and work. But these days every adult both men and women are going for work and family earnings have multiplied. In the present day of such busy schedules are we really eating well and taking care of our health?

Well the question is left for you to ponder!!!

In this issue we will be giving some tips on how to maintain a proper diet essentially for people who are working/spending long hours in office.

Let's now concentrate on our food pyramid, does this looks very familiar???  Have you been following the same food style at office?

Well most of us follow this pyramid -skipping or having meals which are not balanced, having more of coffee to keep us going!!!...

This continues and eventually it leads to problems such as indigestion, heart burn, gastric trouble, decreased immunity, nagging cough and cold which does not go away easily and so on!!!.

Some unfortunate ones may also end up being diagnosed with high blood pressure/diabetes/kidney stones/high cholesterol and so on.

The money that we earn is eventually spent on doctors, hospitals, labs and pharmacies.

There are few tips which will help you to manage your diet even during that busy schedule.  But remember, a little effort and commitment from your side can go a long way in ensuring good health!

Some options which people who are hard pressed for time can incorporate into their daily routine -

  1. Early morning - always start your day with two glasses of warm water.  This would help in cleaning the digestive system reducing the problem of acidity.

  2. Breakfast - can consist one of the following:

  • Mixed fruits + 2 sices of multigrain bread + 1 small glass milk/tea

  • Mixed fruits + 2 slice of bread + 2 egg white/1whole egg

  • Cereal (oats/wheat flakes) + skimmed milk + 1 fresh fruit + 2-3 walnuts

  • One fresh fruit (can be taken from home like a small bunch of grapes/orange/1small banana)

  • 1 multigrain biscuit

  • 1 small cup of tea (avoid having black tea/coffee since this would increase acidity), one can include green tea/lemon tea along with 2 marie biscuit

  • 2 dates + 1 glass buttermilk

  • 2 multigrain biscuit + 1 fresh fruit  ( both can be carried from home)

  • 1 wheat bread sandwich without cheese

  • 1 subway made with vegetables and multigrain bread (without mayonnaise as dressing for vegetables)

  • Puffed rice / regular popcorn

  • 1 small cup of cooked corn

  • 2 slices of wheat bread with ½ tsp of jam

  • 2 idlis + sambar (no chutney)

  • 1 plain dosa + sambar/veg curry.

  • Normal meal of chapathi with veg curry/dhal and curd.

  • Soups with 2 multigrain bread slices/chapathis with dhal/veg

  1. Midmorning - always good to have a midmorning snack to prevent hunger pangs during the lunch time and also to prevent any gastric trouble.  Include one of the following:

  1. Lunch - should always begin with a salad followed by cereals, vegetables, dhal and curd.  It is advisable not to drink water during your meals since this would dilute the gastric juices and affect the process of digestion.  Drink water 30min before and 30min after the food intake.

  2. Evening snack - can be a cup of tea/coffee with one of the following snacks

  1. Dinner - should be had before 9pm and should include salads along with one of the following:

Few suggestions!!!

  • To avoid the gastric/heart burn problem make sure you don't have long gap between two meals.  If you are getting ready to go for a meeting which will go beyond your meal timings then make sure you a small snack before you go.

  • Do not have late dinners, this will not only lead to heart burn but will also increase your body weight.  If you have to stay back at the office then, have something heavy in the evening (like a sandwich/idlis/plain dosa/subway).  Once you are back home restrict yourself to a fruit bowl with a glass of buttermilk or soups and salads.

  • If you are travelling most of the time then take in plenty of fluids like buttermilk, coconut water, rasam along with salads, dhal and wheat roti. For non-vegetarians, you can go for chicken/fish which has not been fried.

With a proper diet and exercise, we can go a long way in maintaining our health.  Hope this issue of newsletter has helped to clear your doubts.  Remember, -“A stitch in time saves nine". If you have any more queries or want more diet related information specific t o your health condition, you can contact me at 080 41435601 or mail me at

From the desk of our Health Manager - Rohini Prasad - Chief Editor & Head Nutrition

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