Wednesday, 10 August 2016

My Entrepreneurship…

Startup & entrepreneurship is a new normal in professional journey.

Educational qualifications have changed from postgraduate degrees to college dropouts. Professional experience qualification as an employee is boring.

A sudden shift in “reference” based on few DATA points is mind-boggling.

Another thing, which worries me, is the yardstick of success in the startups.

When I started 2mpower, my focus was to bring a change in people’s lifestyle, to make them healthier, thereby reduce the burden of man-made chronic diseases on individual, family & on society at large.

As a founder, I firmly believed in practicing healthy & holistic lifestyle. My family adopted it whole-heartedly. And we stared influencing our friends and acquaintances slowly.
Our initial years were spent learning the human behavior and psychology. Iterations were made constantly, as we learn what is working and what is not.

Austerity was practiced to conserve the small capital we had invested to experiment this concept. Later, when our friends & family gave us more money, we continued to use every penny to perfect the model.

Money raised subsequently was looked at as an obligation to return. And keep the trust of our well wishers.

While some of this ethos exists in many startups, the societal pressure on success yardsticks is corrupting the DNA of entrepreneurship.

This is similar to education, where we rank the school based on the remuneration packages offered to its students. Not on the knowledge & wisdom imparted during the tenure.

Entrepreneurship is great. It helps evolve you as a human, make you responsible for the society you live, and help create wealth for people.

Every individual should experience this journey in true spirits. Once you start treading this path, it is a marathon race. While you will reach the finish line sooner or later, enjoy the trials & tribulations, successes & failures, and joy of not cheering from the sidelines!

As GetActive, we continue to focus in helping corporate to become ACTIVE, by increasing employees activity levels to 10,000 STEPS. We encourage walking, in small measures all through the day. And help build a lifelong habit of staying active & healthy.

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