Monday, 4 July 2016

I Reset my CLOCK!

I grew up in a modest town so lush and so vast that the eyes would often wonder where to wander. As you step out into the courtyard you are welcomed by a misty morning, the scent of which disseminates into your senses.

The first ritual in the morning was to walk a good mile & a half to the milk society to buy fresh milk. The walk was so effortless and fulfilling that the day unwinds with the thought that you get to do the same thing the next morning. It was during this morning ritual that all dreams would unfurl before you. It’s like wearing a pair of Google glasses and stepping into a world of virtual reality. A time that you spend for yourself, on yourself, just you and your soul.

As time passed by, I had to let go of the luxuries of a sumptuous and fulfilling life to take on bigger challenges in life. I migrated to a city on the pretext of getting a job and running a family. My whole life was bustling with so many activities that I felt the “this is it” moment; not realizing that there was something ugly and disheveled lurking behind me, ready to engulf me as a person. For the first time in life I felt how miserable it was to feel lazy and still be contented with that realization.

I lost the reigns to my true self. I dreaded the new me. That was the point where I decided to get hold of the reigns. With all the goodness of my childhood memories still intact, I decided to act.

The mornings were still divine; the path was still alive, if not lush and vast. I was not completely lost; I could still gather the lost fragments of a happier me. I took on to a disciplined morning routine, which involved:
  • Drinking a tumbler of warm water
  • A brisk walk to the nearby park
  • Friendly chats with fellow walkers

There was “Life” outside the life I had confined myself to. This routine made me happy. When I was happy, the people around me looked happy and there was positivity all around. I felt like my childhood days had returned. I felt younger again.

Often in life, it is so easy to lose yourself to factors and elements that are so insignificant and yet most important at one point in time. I had to look further ahead in my life to realize that it’s never too late to take care of yourself. It’s alright to succumb to such fallacies. What differentiates the doers from the rest is the courage to do something so important for our self, in turn reinforcing a strong faith in our self and our capabilities.

Our destination remains intact; but how we walk it up is all that matters; so GetActive!

@GetActive, we encourage walking, in small measures all through the day. And help build a lifelong habit of staying active & healthy. 

GetActive has been working with more than 100,000 users in 50+ corporates. We encourage walking, in small measures all through the day. And help build a lifelong habit of staying active & healthy.

Contribution: Mohammed Hussain Naseem – CEO |
2mpower Health Management Services Private Ltd.

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