Monday, 18 January 2016

Multi-Country, Multi Shift Wellness Initiative by global Fortune 50 Company

Diversified managed healthcare company, and most admired in the world in the space of healthcare technology & business process solutions, initiated wellness program for its employees in April 2015.

The program was administered in three countries, and in five shifts.

Base lining the physical activity levels of employees in different shifts, across the age group & gender, and then making interventions to improve physical activity, was the key objective of first version of wellness program.


"1,185 employees across multi-location participated in wellness program. Group dynamics & competition played an important role in engaging employees during the event," shares a senior executive, who managed this wellness initiative.

Company’s program management team have defined few metrics for program success:
  • Good employee experience, and outcome
  • Seamless social interaction between employees on GetActive platform
  • Authentic data capture, as STEPS were used as a currency for rewards
  • Insights from BIG DATA to improvise on program effectiveness

"The Inter-site walking challenge has taught me the value of teamwork and camaraderie through organizing activities together in achieving one goal and having fun at the same time," shares one of the participants of wellness program.

"This wellness challenge helps me realize to step up and start to get out from sedentary lifestyle," echoes another employee.

Managing an event, which spreads across three countries, five shifts, and nine business units for sixty-three days, is complex. GetActive’s cloud based interactive gamification platform enabled this seamlessly.


"Inactivity stretches were reduced during the program, as per data analysis, & 93% of users maintained higher activity levels than before," opines Data Scientist, who analyzed Big Data.


Deep dive on data revealed significant information on activity patterns in shifts, and its impact on employee’s health.


34% employee’s showed reduction in BMI, shedding an average of 2kg of weight. Activity levels were improved by 105%, maintaining an average of 7,713 steps per day.


Staying physically active is core to our good health. GetActive enables physical activity through simple technology. Join the GetActive movement & discover a healthier, happier you.

Contribution: Mohammed Hussain Naseem – CEO |
2mpower Health Management Services Private Ltd.

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