Monday, 5 October 2015

Adding Five Years!

When I met Xchanging CEO Mr. Alok Sinha earlier in this year, he coined this statement to me – "Mohammed, I would like to add FIVE years to my people’s life. How GetActive can help?"

I knew that it is a powerful statement, which needs measurement and defined outcomes.

If I have to deliver on my commitment, I needed a well-defined program. I knew that I would have full support from senior management, while running such program. What I have to ensure is a program, which is scientific, simple and FUN.


Scientific data would help me quantify the benefits, hence get the buy-in from senior management and HR team.

Simple program would ensure that more # of employees would latch-on to it.

And FUN activities would create the buzz, sustain the momentum and spread the adoption.

Many scientific papers have shown co-relation between physical activity and increase in life expectancy. I am quoting here one study from Brigham and Women's Hospital and the National Cancer Institute, published in the journal PLoS Medicine. What’s particularly interesting to me in these findings were –.
"Irrespective of body type, sex, race, normal weight, overweight, or obese, everyone derived a benefit of regular physical activity. Normal weight people, who log about 150 minutes of activity per week (22 minutes every day), could add around 7.2 years to their lives."

GetActive program executed across various organizations have shown 212% improvement in physical activity during the program. And it tapers to 143%, 100 days post completion of program. GetActive team plans interesting events and competition. Some of these are team events; others are individual or goal based.

GetActive works on a simple principal of counting every step taken by individual. 3D accelerometer samples data in every millisecond, put a time stamp, and securely send the data on cloud, when device is connected with Internet enabled PC. STEP becomes the default currency for competition on GetActive platform. Employee earns currency through their STEP, participate in competitive team events, win goodies and contribute for CSR.

GetActive analytics model co-relates ACTIVITY, ENGAGEMENT and SLEEP to happiness & stress index. And happy workforce has a direct relation to higher productivity & lower attrition.

Staying active is core to our good health. GetActive enables physical activity through technology. Join the GetActive movement & ensure a healthier, happier workforce.

Contribution: Mohammed Hussain Naseem – CEO |
2mpower Health Management Services Private Ltd.

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