Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Mind vs. Technology

India has over 1.25 billion population. As per the recent survey by global body on Preventive Care, more than 25% (65 Million) of Americans are consciously taking concrete action on their health in terms of physical activity & diet programs. However, this number is abysmally low for India at 0.05% (~0.625 Million).

Couple of decades back, we may have attributed this big chasm to America’s technology and financial advancement. Today, this is not true. India is equally up breast on technology adoption, and urban India (wellness is an urban phenomenon) is financially well off.


Then why the wearable and mobile wellness Apps has not made similar inroads, as Facebook & Whatsapp has done in this country?

If wearable can help reduce the healthcare GDP spend by few % points in Australia, and global health Insurance companies can open their wallet allowing clients to spend up to $100 on wearable products in US & Europe, why India has not warmed-up to this new trend?

I think the problem lies in our culture. As one of my friends says, “we talk salads, and eat samosas!”.

Unless we move from just health awareness bubble to taking concrete steps in implementing our thoughts, technology may not bring huge dividends. Today wearable are available in less than INR 1000. Many mobile companies may start bundling wearable free with mobile phones. But that will not change the outcome, unless we decide to take steps in implementing wellness regime like we do our religion.

Technology is just an enabler. Once you have made-up your mind, it assists you with DATA, support you with your social group and motivates you through healthy competition & peer pressure. However, it cannot control your mind, at least in today’s context.

You will have to leave your couch and abandon your samosas, if India wants to enjoy the demographic dividends in the next decade. Otherwise, a sick and lethargic population, however large it is, cannot move India forward.

GetActive is a humble attempt in that direction. Indians have clocked 6 Billion steps using GetActive. I want to see this number swell to 20 Trillion by 2020. Please join GetActive to add your STEP towards an active & a happy world.

Contribution: Mohammed Hussain Naseem – CEO |
2mpower Health Management Services Private Ltd.

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