Friday, 6 March 2015

Activity Trackers

In the last two years, India has started the adoption of wearable technology for health & fitness. Number of people using some form of activity tracking devices has been small, in the order of half million users. When you look at the US market, which has been the pioneer in this space, the number may not be more than 7-8 million users.

So this is a fairly new phenomenon worldwide, and India has done well in warming up to this new technology. This is in line with Accenture survey of Jan-2014, predicting that Indians will be more inclined (80%) to adoption of wearables in the next five years, than US (at 65%).


Skeptics are wary of this new trend. And the main reason behind this skepticism is drop-off rate, which is as high as 80%, after the initial 4-6 months of usage.

The main purpose of activity tracker is to help modify your behavior, thereby inculcate the habit of walking. Here are the four stages, which you experience while using activity trackers, each lasting 6-8 weeks:

Quanti Phase: Self-quantification or measuring your DATA 24x7 motivates you and nudges you to stay on your toes. The reality is very different than what you have had imagined. Everyday you cross your self-imposed limit, and within 3-4 weeks reach an optimal level of your daily activity.

Social Phase: Once quantified and informed, you start sharing your DATA with your friends on social network. Crossing new milestones and boasting in your social circle, helps you to achieve higher limits of physical activity, which you have had never imagined.

Compete Phase: Some folks take the challenge very seriously, and strive to come within top ten in leader-board. Others try to better their position everyday, challenging their limits.

Plateau Phase: 55-65% of users continue at their optimal level of activity, some with trackers, and others without it. Remaining users either drop-off from being active, or achieve higher levels by participating in marathon events.

I see activity trackers as supporting wheels, while you are learning to inculcate this positive habit of being ACTIVE. So, please go ahead and adopt this new technology trend. It will help you meet your New Year resolutions, with ease & fun. Do not worry, if you find it in cupboard, after it has done the job.

Walking everyday is important. Join the GetActive program, a step towards an active & a happy world.

Contribution: Mohammed Hussain Naseem – CEO |
2mpower Health Management Services Private Ltd.

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