Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Your Way

We live our life in transactions. Tasks are lined-up in a queue. One follows the other, and we execute it like a robot. Each day is exactly the one before. While these tasks are important to achieve basic life skills, it is not an end.

Societal pressures and expectations define the trajectory of our transactions in life. Our life is spent in trying to achieve different levels set by society to prove that we are successful. Humans are gifted by God to dream! Live your dreams by working on them. And finally bring eternal happiness to self & society.

With New Year as an excuse, let’s relook and focus our energy in areas, which are our real lifeline.

Each one of us has some unique quality, which distinguishes us from the rest. In the rat race, we often forget to identify and hone this natural talent. Nurture this into your hobby or make this your livelihood. Your true bliss will come in spending time and energy towards this God’s gift.

It is critical that you identify & define your priorities, balancing self, family, work and society. Once it is defined, allocate time based on the importance you have given to each of them.

If family and health are high on your priority, then allocate and spend time to achieve those objectives. If you want to work for betterment of society, then start NOW. Do not wait towards the fag end of your life. Start contributing in a small way. It is important that you articulate these objectives to your family members and friends.

It is very easy to blame the current situation on your inability to achieve your stated objectives. We are all very good in that. But this is your life. If you want to live this on your terms, you have to learn to swim upstream. Take unconventional decisions, and follow your heart.

Life is incredibly short, so forgive quickly, kiss slowly, love truly, laugh uncontrollably and never regret anything that made you smile.

Have a meaningful new year!

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Contribution: Mohammed Hussain Naseem – CEO |
2mpower Health Management Services Private Ltd.

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