Sunday, 9 November 2014

Binge Eating

As Indian middle class is burgeoning and we have disposable income, food industry has really blossomed. Every occasion is celebrated with food & more food. India already has the tradition of making exotic foods in festival times.

These festival times have become pervasive now. Every opportunity of good news – be it a birthday, promotion, salary hike, opportunity to travel abroad, clinching a sales deal, achieving a target, long weekend, quarterly bash in corporates or even break-up parties by young folks are occasions to eat with friends & families.

And food has to be loaded with sugar! Cakes have become everyday affair.

Unknowingly, we have inflicted on us this syndrome of binge eating. This starts from early childhood and continue to grow in adolescence & adulthood.

While we have more money to spend on food, we still are conservative in throwing away food. Hence, extra food that is ordered ends up in our stomach forcefully!

Binge eating is a mental disorder, with episodes of compulsive eating. It has become a common phenomenon in 85% of urban Indians, as per the recent report by WHO.

Fad of keeping oneself fit can only work, if people first attempt to correct this binge-eating phenomenon. Otherwise, all your fitness club memberships, New Year resolutions, investments in fitness bands like GetActive will remain ineffective. 

Let me share Do’s & Don’ts to achieve some control on binge eating:
  • Do not be the first to take food, prefer towards the end,
  • Take smaller helpings (half of your current size), and
  • Do not fool yourself by logging your food intake.

Get Active & stay fit. Join the GetActive program, a step towards a healthy & a happy world.

Contribution: Mohammed Hussain Naseem – CEO |
2mpower Health Management Services Private Ltd.

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