Monday, 30 June 2014

Self Quantification

I have been tracking quantified-self movement since early 2011. I am intrigued by the use of wearable technologies and mobile self-tracking apps among people over the past two years. It’s integration with mobility & social network sites, thereby allowing people to share experiences, build communities and gain peer support is fascinating.


"What I said is NOT what I did?" This insight gap is a powerful revelation. And this is the key for human behavior change.


Major brands across the world are strategically providing consumers with such community environments. India is not far behind, with players like GetActive are engaging in building powerful communities. For an enterprise, it provides opportunities to engage audience in an innovative way, help build collaborative customer relationships and thereby gain competitive edge.


The catalytic network effect arising from quantified self has potential to impact our society at large. Some of the initial use cases are as below:

Workforce Engagement: It can positively impact corporate wellness programs, bring insights on workforce analytics, thereby reduce the health insurance claim for insurers & premium for employers. Workforce engagement itself is a big driver for corporates to adopt such programs.

Digital Business: It has the potential to disrupt the brand experience through products & services innovation & digital marketing.

Internet of Things: Wearable technology & sensors, which are seamlessly connected to cloud & mobility can integrate & automate virtually everything – from home appliances to workplace & factories. It can disrupt the credit card industry through seamless money transactions, which is fraught with frauds.

Research & Design: The information on behavioral sciences, data sciences & social sciences collected seamlessly has the power to shape the user experience, fashion & technology at large.


Today, consumers can use mobile phones, smart watches, adhesive patches, clothing with embedded sensors and a range of other accessories to track their activity levels, heart rate, body temperature, blood sugar, caloric intake, sleep quality and other statistics. The trackers of today beam data to cloud databases, where algorithms deal with massive amounts of data, combing through it in search of patterns and returning advice to consumers.


2mpower is India’s first company, to engineer and design wearable technology. GetActive (, it’s flagship product helps measure host of health parameters with a sleek & smart connected device, conveniently strapped on your body.


Join the Quantified Self movement, GetActive, a step towards a healthy & happy world.

Contribution: Mohammed Hussain Naseem – CEO |
2mpower Health Management Services Private Ltd.

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

10,000 STEPS: One Step at a Time

It is estimated that the worldwide death toll from lifestyle related health conditions, mainly diabetes, chronic respiratory disease, hypertension, obesity, cancer and cardiovascular disease is 36 million premature deaths per year, more than 60% of the total death toll. Further, 80% of the deaths from these non-communicable diseases are in developing countries. Statistics are pretty scary for India!!

However, solution is simple. As per WHO, just thirty to forty five minutes of distributed daily physical activity will keep you away from these chronic diseases.

The bigger question is how to stay active and more importantly, when can I be called “active”?

Australia is one of the countries, which has made national level programs to help citizen get active. As per their research, if a person is clocking less than five thousands steps (5,000) per day, he/she can be classified as non-active lifestyle. Anything above that helps you move towards active lifestyle. Ten thousands steps (10,000) per day are ideal for an adult between the age group of 25-50 years. And people who are clocking 10,000 steps every day have 50% less chance of death from chronic disease. On macro level, WHO defines STEPS as per the BMI of an individual.

If we can plan to add steps in our daily chore like walking from parking lot to office building, helping in domestic work, walk to our colleague’s cubicle for a discussion, catching a bus, take a short stroll during lunch time, climb the stairs at home/office, walking to a nearby grocery store etc., it is possible to cross 5,000 steps per day and then slowly increase it to an optimum level. Adding buddy(s) with you can help staying on course.

You do not have to make an unrealistic resolution, which hardly has a life. Weaving physical activity in your chore, measuring it and expanding the scope of each activity is a practical and smarter approach.

2mpower has engineered a simple and scientific program, aptly named as GetActive ( It helps you measure your daily steps with a sleek & smart device, conveniently tucked in your body. Device is cloud connected. Hence, data can be viewed & analyzed anytime/anywhere on web or smart phone. Your personal dashboard engages you with your friends, creates interesting challenges/competition with peers and rewards you for good work. This helps achieve desired outcome of 10,000 STEPS with FUN, thereby improves health, revitalize energy and keeps you FIT.

GetActive, deploy your fat & money for good health and a happier society.

Contribution: Mohammed Hussain Naseem – CEO |
2mpower Health Management Services Private Ltd.