Thursday, 8 May 2014

Money & Fat

What is FAT? Food, which is in excess, is stored by body for future use as energy reserve. Small quantity of FAT as stored energy is useful in giving body the flexibility of dipping in reserve to address exigency situations. Fat is also important in maintaining proper body functions, e.g. protein synthesis.
Fat accumulation starts happening in various parts of our body, when quantity of food consumed and daily physical activity continue to create a positive balance. It starts with central obesity (fatty lever), but slowly spreads in various parts of our body.
Fat as a reserve energy should be a good thing. Imagine you are on a tour for few days, just bank on your reserve. Similarly when you grow old and hate buying & cooking food daily, just dig into your well preserved fat reserve for energy!! You wish that is a reality...
So how are you going to utilize this extra mass, which you are carrying on your body daily? It definitely not add any feather to your physical look!
Then, what is it really doing for you? There is enough literature around and awareness through media which talks about life threatening diseases being caused by over-weight and obesity. This so called savings which you strive hard to accumulate has now become your enemy. 75 percent of Indian women and 58 percent of Indian men suffer from central obesity. And approximately six out of 10 such cases are likely to develop into serious health conditions such as diabetes or cardio vascular disease.
However, if your physical activity is proportionately increased with food consumption, this death messenger (fat) can be effectively utilized in strengthening your body muscles and organs.
Now let’s draw a parallel with MONEY.
Money has a very similar connotation as fat. It is essential in small quantity to address daily need for self and family. Small reserve is also important to meet the exigency situations. When money is produced in excess, it becomes boon or bane based on its utilization. When excess money is effectively deployed to address the need of community and society, it benefits the society and enhances your reputation. If money is hoarded as FAT (unwarranted reserve), it becomes the source of unhappiness. It invites perennial diseases like greed, selfishness, individualism, hate and ultimately grief & depression. You can NEVER use this, very similar to your FAT.
GetActive, deploy your fat & money for good health and a happier society.

Contribution: Mohammed Hussain Naseem – CEO |
2mpower Health Management Services Private Ltd.

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