Tuesday, 5 February 2013

GetActive for Corner Office

“Ramesh, 29 year old software professional had fallen unconscious while walking for a cup of tea in his office. Later he was operated for multiple blocks in coronary artery. Doctors were of the opinion that Ramesh is pre-disposed to diabetes and cardiac conditions due to family history.” This is not news anymore. Predisposition coupled with sedentary lifestyle and improper nutrition is a potent time-bomb on which 95% of professionals are sitting. 

Mohammed has some story or the other to scare me whenever I meet him. I was pretty sure that I am not one among them.

“Unlike others, I am very health conscious. I walk whenever I find time & opportunity. Plus I eat very less. My appetite is not big. Fortunately, I am not on obese side either, just a little over-weight, only in central portion!”

I was on a constant denial mode, despite persistent effort from Mohammed to hook me on GetActive.

In the last two years, since I have adopted GetActive program, I have genuinely felt a difference. I am conscious to meet my modest goal every week. GetActive device keeps tab on my progress. I squeeze time to take my walks – be it at the airport, taking a call, getting down from my car before I reach home/office, staircase instead of lift/elevator etc. These have now become a part of my DNA. It is contagious and people who know me well can get my time by enticing me for a short walk. I have also included five Suryanamaskar in my daily routine.

Being an entrepreneur, I have to have tremendous energy to drive my passion. GetActive has brought that transformation. I feel energetic throughout the day, I sleep well, I am able to spend quality time with my family and I feel good that I have gained the wealth of health – which is rare in today’s age.

One submission – initially your mind finds ways to scuttle this new routine. Thanks to peer support, constant engagement from GetActive program and my own will power, I sailed that tough phase of 100 days.

As a physically fit CEO, I feel that we project a strong leadership image plus physical endurance help us in solving complex business problems.

To my peers & aspirant of corner office, I strongly recommend adopting GetActive. For corporate, active-workforce should become the HR matrix & certification in line with Six Sigma.

Contribution: Mr. Madan Padaki, Education Entrepreneur | Founder of MeritTrac, Erudient & Head-Held-High | Email:

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