Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Bull's Eye

Rambus“Our employees trekked from Bengaluru to Ooty and back to Bengaluru.” When I shared this with my family/friends, they couldn’t believe it. They were wondering how company can afford such luxury in today’s business environment.
Even I had the same question for Mohammed, when he explained how we can all trek in small groups covering seven million steps.When 2mpower proposed GetActive, I liked the novelty of this concept. However, knowing IT professionals for many years in HR role, I had my reservations on its effectiveness. Once the program started, I was surprised to see how self-quantification works wonders on individuals. We have never cared to use staircase, as we are on twelfth floor. To my surprise, employees were not only using staircase to come down, some of them even ventured to climb up. Every STEP counts. Hence, we were consciously increasing our steps every day. What started as an average count of below 2,000 steps in the first few days, we ramped it up to an average of 6,500 steps per employee per day within a month.As we were all conscious of our physical activity, we also started following other health tips like drinking more water, eating fruits and salad, and one of our employee made this remark, “I knew that we have hit the bull’s eye”.
“I would like to congratulate HR team for coming up with such a wonderful program, where we got an insight on our personal day to day physical activity, understood the short coming or ignorance that we show towards our body because of our busy schedule. In future, I will do my best and make a conscious effort towards walking and water consumption.”
Another employee honestly admitted that "the concept of program is very good, I must give credit to GetActive that I've started taking steps to office which I would not have done otherwise."
The best part I liked here is that it addresses three aspects from one activity – employee wellness, engagement and motivation. Plus it does not disturb the day to day activity, hence easier to fit in our busy schedule.
Personally, I have gained from GetActive. For our company, I feel that it is one of the unique wellness programs ever done, with so much FUN and employee participation.
“I hope more companies adopt GetActive, employees benefit from it and we create a healthier and happier India Inc. So go & GetActive.
Contribution: Ms. ShwetaAchar, HR, Rambus - India | Email:

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