Saturday, 1 December 2012

I Crossed the Hump

“Dry-fit shirts, pace per km & proper mid-foot strike are things that run through my mind when I get up at 5:15am on a Saturday ready to tackle the 20km run at Lalbagh.”
I am sharing with you a transformation story of one of my client. I urged him to write this, as I believe that this can motivate many more corporate professionals to embrace adequate physical activity in daily chore.
“Roll back to last year this time, when I was leading a contented life unaware of gait issues, plantar fascia and more bewildering terms. I am thin, wiry (except for a small, cute paunch), most would ask me to rather put on weight and get healthier. But my blissful existence (or rather ignorance) was shattered when Mohammed told me that I was not active enough and even if I was thin, the danger of chronic diseases was quite high. I dismissed his pitch as that of a salesman for his new product – GetActive. But he persisted and was rather quite adamant that I record how many steps I was walking daily and gave me a pedometer device for that. A week later I was shocked to note that I had only averaged around 1000 to 1500 steps daily, while the requirement for an active body & mind was 7500 to 10000 steps a day.”
“I started walking and with the help of GetActive was able to track and measure how I was doing daily, adjust the amount of walking to make sure that I met the weekly targets. Mohammed then rolled it out to more people in our office and made it interesting by creating a virtual trek with competition between teams. From active walking, I slowly graduated to slow jogging and then running as well. The first mile that I ran without stopping was excruciatingly painful, but the tricks that the mind played were the hardest to overcome compared to the pain in every muscle in the body. I slowly overcame my inhibitions and joined a group of runners from whom I learnt all about stretches, how it was important to enjoy the run and do it injury free.”
“While my relatives and friends complain that I have become even thinner, I can make out the significant changes that have happened to me during the course of the last one year – graduating from doing no real active exercise to running the half marathon (the full marathon still seems a distant dream…how do they do it?).”
“Physically I feel more energetic, sleep well, more observant at work, and have not got any ailment in the last one year.”
“As a career professional, I have gained much more than good health. The sense of achievement, perseverance, winning over the battle with my own mind, focused efforts are all huge gains from this experiment, which are valuable life skills. This has been a great journey till now and there is no looking back.”
“I wish Mohammed & his team all the success in their endeavor to get more & more people healthier in both body & mind by getting active…rather to go & GetActive.”
Contribution: Mr. P. Rangarajan, COO, Appnomic Systems (P) Ltd. | Email:

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