Thursday, 1 November 2012

Metabolic Syndrome

You eat food to fuel your activity. Food is digested and converted into glucose, which is then transported through blood to every cell of your body. Cell opens door to accept this fuel supply. Door keeper for each cell is insulin.

For a normal (active and disciplined) individual, system works very well.

Your body is intelligent. When fuel supply far exceeds the requirement, acceptance for this fuel reduces at cell level. This excess energy in blood manifests in various disease condition and slowly disintegrates the whole system.

This is called metabolic syndrome.

Economists blame this for recession & fiscal deficit. CEO’s find it guilty for capital erosion and dwindling profits. Rich dread this for their life. Researchers keep inventing new techniques and medications to glorify its existence.

It surfaces in your waistline and slowly finds its home in your heart as hypertension, in your brain as stroke, in your blood stream as cholesterol & sugar, in your body as fatigue, and at night as sleep disorder.

You know why it has come to you. But you pretend to ignore the root cause. You love giving it fancy names and revel in its madness. You keep looking at quick-fix to hide the symptoms.

Wake-up friends! Why are you doing this? Ignorance has its place. But we cannot risk our existence.

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