Monday, 1 October 2012

Medical Expense vs Insurance

Most of us are worried about our medical expense as we reach our prime age. Health insurance gives us some solace.

Do you know that hospitalized medical expense (covered under insurance) constitutes only 20% of your lifetime medical expenses? Much bigger portion is spent on out-patient, which includes doctor consultation, diagnostic tests and pharmacy.

Are you not worried about this expense, which trickles from your wallet every now and then?

Is there a way to insure this expense for lifetime?

There is a solution, but unfortunately it is too simple and very inexpensive. In today’s complex world, we are too evolved to accept anything that is not sophisticated. Simple things just fade away in the glitter and greed of new age approach.

Last week I was with the CEO of a well known hospital chain. And he nonchalantly explained to me that how advances in medicine has helped doctors to take proactive interventional steps to prevent heart attacks. Pharmaceuticals have allowed doctors to control diabetes without much restriction on individual lifestyle. I kept quiet. I knew my simple solution will be looked upon as Stone Age.

I am aware that you will also agree with my CEO friend.

But the truth is that some of the advance countries (Australia/UK) and some of the well known corporate in the world (Cerner, SKF, Sprint) have heeded to our simple solution. They have learned their lesson when so called advance approaches have skyrocketed their healthcare expense.

Today they encourage their citizen and their employees to take 10,000 steps every day to reduce medical costs by more than 50%. It is simple, it is doable and it is permanent. This is your best health insurance.

Get Active. Take your first step today. And gift your loved ones wealth of good health this festive season.

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