Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Fun & Health

In the last three years with 2mpower, I have learned one simple human nature. Anything you make a Play or Fun, it will click and sustain with human beings. Regimented and boring activities, irrespective of their critical nature, will fall wayside. I think, keeping this in mind our ancestors have had invented sports to keep us physically fit, without telling us that.

Today sports is no more an integral part of our life. Less than 0.5% adults continue playing sports as they reach in their late thirties or forties. Keeping this in mind, we are once again harnessing this human nature to keep them physically fit.

Fitness centers, yoga classes, aerobic sessions etc. have failed to attract sizable population. Attrition rate in such programs is more than 95%.

Get Active program from 2mpower is an innovative way to keep people walking, engage then in competition with their peers, reward them for hard/smart work and all this without eating time from their precious daily activity.

Keep tuned, we are launching this shortly...

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