Sunday, 1 April 2012

Health & Wealth

Health(y) is a state of wellbeing of soul, mind and body, which translates into harmony and bliss.
Wealth(y) is a state of happiness resulting from the fulfilment of worldly need and desires.
There is a synergy between management of health & wealth.
What do we mean by healthy individual? Today, we get confused between body building and good health. Most of us relate physical fitness to good health. Good physical endurance and strength can be a component of good health, but not a mandatory requirement. Physical training and health management are two completely different aspects. Former deals with muscle strength of organs & tissues. Latter deals with mandatory physical activity, balanced nutrition and an evolved thought process for welfare of society at large. One is transient and other is permanent.
Now let’s look at the other side of the coin. What it means by a wealthy individual? Once again quantum of asset is the yardstick. Asset accumulation is like building muscles. Any individual with proper or improper means can build assets. And these assets are once again transient. Hence, asset accumulation and wealth management are distinctly different. Accumulation leads to greed and selfishness. Management leads to allocation of asset wisely to meet the need of self, family, community and society at large.
A healthy individual in holistic sense will be able to manage his wealth wisely.
Unfortunately, our understanding of health and wealth management is very shallow. We look at quick fixes in our every approach. Hence, our success in managing them is temporary.
Both disciplines require structured long term approach with clear conscience, regular monitoring and measurements.
Health management is managing health risks by allocating time to mind, body and vital in a balanced and systematic fashion. Time component is non-negotiable. Health parameters are measured & reviewed periodically.
Good wealth management includes interest of self, family, community and society at large. Similarly good health management benefits society as it foster responsible and aware citizens.

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