Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Wealth & Health

There is a synergy between health & wealth. If you have been able to manage your health, it is very likely that you have done the same with your wealth.

Wealth management and wealth accumulation are two different things. Unfortunately, we tend to do the later and think we are managing our wealth wisely. You need not be rich to manage your wealth.

Similarly health management and physical training are two different aspects. Once again, we do the later and think that we are managing our health. For effective health management, you need not be in an excellent physical shape.

Both discipline require structured approach with regular monitoring and measurements.

Wealth management is managing risk by allocating fund in various asset class, invested in a systematic fashion and ensuring that this ratio is maintained and reviewed periodically.

Health management is managing health risks by allocating time to mind, body and vital in a balanced and systematic fashion. Ensuring that this time sharing is non-negotiable. Health parameters are measured & reviewed periodically.

Good wealth management includes interest of self and society at large. Similarly good health management benefits society as you become the ambassador of health for your family and friends.

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