Friday, 24 June 2011

Acute vs Chronic Stress

Stress is a spice of life. It is good. For millions of years, living beings are trained to handle acute stress. Under acute stress, flight or fight mechanism is activated, thereby hormones and steroids are secreted to keep the body under complete alert. All routine tasks - digestive process, repair of tissues, detoxification etc. are put on hold. Safety and security system is activated - senses are heightened, increase in WBC, elimination of digestive waste to prevent infection, increase in energy output etc. Physical activity during this stage neutralizes the steroids and after a while body come under normal routine activity.

In today's world we undergo stress situation every hour. Hooting at fellow commuters while driving car, unpleasant conversation with boss in office, argument with vendors on delivery, indiscipline from subordinates etc. This happens without accompanying any physical activity. We call this chronic stress situation. This disrupts routine body tasks completely and keep body & mind under high alert. Steroids produced during this process impacts severely body organs.

Lifestyle related diseases are borne from chronic stress conditions.

Regular exercise and meditation helps in neutralizing steroids and prevents lifestyle related diseases.

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