Thursday, 12 May 2011

Travelling Woes

I hear this umpteen number of times from my clients. "Everything was going well but since last week I am on travel!" Travel is a part of your busy corporate life. Your health regime cannot be bartered for it. This trade-off will make any health and wellbeing program ineffective. What you need to learn is "how to create slots for your daily physical/mental activity during this hectic trip." And coupled with it be smart in not missing on the key food items in your diet - like whole fruits, wholesome salad, bran, curd/skim milk & dry fruits. Beside this eat other things available intelligently. I have personally inculcated this in my lifestyle, and it pays handsomely. Believe me, once you decide to do it, it is very much feasible. Else, your excuse factory will continue to mislead you forever...

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