Sunday, 22 May 2011

Fat and Money

Our body need small quantity of fat for maintaining proper body functions. It is used in protein synthesis and for many other biochemical processes of body as a catalyst. Access food is diligently converted into fat, to be used as an energy reserve, essential during sleep or under emergency.When quantity of fat increases beyond the necessary amount, it starts interfering with normal body functions. In fact it becomes the cause for slow deterioration thereby inviting various diseases. However, if physical activity is proportionately increased, fat is effectively dissipated and it also helps in strengthening body muscles.

Money has a similar connotation as fat. It is essential in small quantity to address daily need for self and family. When money is produced in excess, it becomes boon or bane based on its utilization. When excess money is effectively deployed to address the need of poor people, it benefits the society and enhances your reputation. Otherwise it becomes the source of unhappiness in the family.

Healthy people effectively deploy their fat & money for good health and happiness.

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