Thursday, 5 May 2011

Dental Hygiene

Some of you will think why we have chosen such an obvious topic for our newsletter this month!

In our last sixteen months of interaction with hundreds of people with varied background, we realized that 80% people are ignorant about dental hygiene. And 100% are not following the complete regime for maintaining healthy teeth.

Proper dental hygiene is linked to reduced incidence of heart disease and is correlated with greater longevity. Less than 1% Indian report regular dental hygiene compared to 20% in developed economies.

Dental hygiene means removal of food particle trapped after every meal or snack we take. Food particle left unattended attracts bacteria, which while feeding on trapped food produces acid. Acid decays the strongest of human bone - our tooth. Process of decay is very slow, however continuous. Hence, we start having cavities (bacteria reaching the pulp) as early as thirty years of age.

Most of us brush regularly with an intention to prevent this damage. However, technique deployed is incorrect, which continue to damage our gums and helps in further tooth decay.

Here are simple techniques for healthy teeth:

1. Brushing:   Twice a day, vertical from gums towards tooth at 45 degree angle. Intention is to massage the gums and remove trapped food particles between teeth. It hardly feels like brushing!!

2. Flossing: Once at bed time to remove food particles trapped between gums and tooth. Take the floss along the curve of the tooth (not vertical) to prevent damage to gums.

3. Mouth wash with potassium permanganate (add few crystals to one liter of water) daily. This disinfects, neutralizes acid and controls growth of nuisance microorganism.

4. And finally massage gums regularly with your fingers using ayurvedic products like Gum Tone.

Food containing fluoride and low acidity is beneficial for maintaining healthy teeth. Green tea (fluoride rich), milk based non-sweetened food (low acidity, enriches calcium), fruits like apple, strawberries, kiwis (strengthen gums) and water (keeps teeth hydrated) are good.

Foods and drinks containing sugar and acid (fruit juice, colas, black tea/coffee, citrus fruits, cake, chips etc.) are detrimental. Hence, proper mouth wash and/or brushing is necessary after their consumption.

Have a beautiful smile

From the CEO's desk - Mohammed H. Naseem

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