Friday, 20 May 2011

Conflict with Nature

Just observe for a moment your body. Your body is doing zillions of routine tasks at levels of cells, tissues and organs. Wheather it is repair of torn ligament or processing of air for blood purification or filteration of toxins. Each task is performed with precision of time and quality. Else you will not exist.

When you run to catch a bus or panic out of fear, again body has to respond instantaneously by giving additional energy or alerting the system for flight or fight. This adaptation happens continuously 24x7. And body responds without neglecting the routine tasks.

Beyound the routine work, your mind is continuously innovating ideas/thoughts as you interact with your environment. It can be an advice to a dear friend or solving a problem.

So your body does routine tasks with precision, continuously adapt to new challenges and stay creative with innovative approaches. This is the law of nature.

Now you observe yourself. Most of us tend to fail on all three counts. We default in our routine tasks time and again. And blame it on emergencies. When CHANGE comes, we procastinate or find excuse for avoiding it. And finally, most of us lack creativity or innovation. Be it at work or otherwise.

Life has to become difficult if we go against our nature.

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