Monday, 1 November 2010

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Health Un-puzzled!

Today health is the most written or advertized subject in India. Every magazine, newspaper, commercials etc. are flooded with information on health and wellbeing. This is a good indication of increasing socio-economic strata of Indian population. However not necessarily that average Indian is getting healthier! On the contrary, one in every five Indian is suffering today from lifestyle diseases (hypertension, diabetes mellitus or cardio-vascular disorder).WHO studies have painted grim picture for India in the near future.

My question to you is, Is staying healthy such an arduous task, that India will lose $250 billion in productivity by 2020?

My team has been writing articles on varied health topics in the last fifteen months, covering mental, vital and physical aspects.

Let me share with you some health mantra, which will be handy when you are about to make an excuse to skip your health regimen.

Health mantra 1: There is a saying 'Every day you do one of the two things - either you build health or manufacture disease. Remember this phrase, paste it at frequently visited locations.

Health mantra 2: Do not follow copybook style of health regimen. Pick and choose to integrate with your lifestyle. What doesn't suit you, will never stick with you anyway.

Health mantra 3: Enjoy and relish your customized health plan. Start simple and add in steps. Do NOT keep targets/goals to achieve. They will happen with time.

Health mantra 4: Regularly exercise your let go muscle.

Health mantra 5: Develop and nourish a hobby.

Be empowered and add life to your years and not vice versa.

CheersJ - CEO's Desk

Wishing you all HAPPY DIPAVALI

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