Friday, 10 September 2010

Eid Mubarak

After a good month of Ramadaan, it is time for all of us to celebrate. Celebrate the successful completion of fasting, which reinforced the practice of austerity. Austerity of our body as well as our soul.

I am really happy to hear from most of our members that the guidelines we had published on nutrition and physical exercise was beneficial, and you all saw immediate benefit of it.

As you may have noticed, what we have explained in those guidelines is the scientific reason of Do's & Don'ts.  Or in other words, we made you AWARE. And once you are AWARE, it is easy for you to ACT on it.

Let me share an interesting story with you:

Once two angels were debating, "What if God can give brain to machineries humans have made?" Just like artificial intelligence and neural networks, scientists are working on.

One angel said that it will doom the world faster than it is destined for. Other one said that it will make world much simpler place to live.

First angel argument was that once thinking power is bestowed on machineries, they will start misbehaving. Car will indulge not only in petrol, but start devouring more exotic fuels. Computers will form a union, and will shut down on public holidays. And cardiac machines will not agree with doctor on Angiogram, because it will know that doctor has prescribed it for commission. Hence the world will be chaotic.

Second angel argument was that once thinking powers are given, it will take the load away from humans, which will reduce the stress levels, and hence better harmony will be restored.

Ramadaan reinforces the habit of restraints. It is up to us how far we would like to extend this - as a way of life, or just limited to a month.

I request each one of you to ENJOY the festivities which follows, with complete AWARENESS. Do not indulge in exotic fuels; your body is NOT designed for it.

Food to devour after Ramadaan ;

  • Fruits,

  • High fiber cereals for complex carbohydrate, and

  • Baked/tandoor non-vegetarian food without rich gravy

You are not insulting your guests, if you serve fruits or whole wheat bread sandwich, instead of fried foods or double-decker Sirkhoorma. And small portions are desirable, as your guest will make many more such visits to near and dear ones.

Once again EID Mubarak!

Be EMPOWERD, to take charge of your health forever!

From the desk of your Health Manager,

Mohammed Hussain Naseem

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