Thursday, 1 July 2010

Your Attitude Really Matters: Rewiring your mind

20% of success is the mechanics of achievement; the other 80% comes from your attitude or psychology. The how to element isn't the problem. It is how receptive we are to change & personal growth that determines how far we can go or successful we can be.

How is this possible? By rewiring our mind! An actual psychic surgery!! Dissolving the blocks within!!!

The opportunity for such a transformation lies in a place called the edge  i.e. living slightly outside the inner comfort zone we have set for ourselves. The edge is as much about our psychological approach as it is our physical potential.

How can we step up to this edge?

There are 7 simple principles to remember and follow which will help you in this endeavor.

1.  Life happens in the PRESENT moment. Memories, fantasies are lovely but they lead us no where except into the past which no longer exists or the future which does not exist yet. Let's learn to live in present and cherish it wholeheartedly.

2.  When you TUNE into the present moment, you rein your focus back from the distractions happening around you. This directional change from the outward to the inward helps you to become more in tune with your strengths within.

3.  Growth is the mantra! We have 3 choices: growth i.e. a forward movement; stagnation i.e. status quo; or regression i.e. backward movement. Growth begins with ACCEPTANCE. Keep your focus on growth. Accept, let go and grow!

4.  If you do what you ‚have always done, you'll get what you've always gotten. If you want to go beyond where you are i.e. to change your habits, attitude, approach etc., you need to EXCEED or extend yourself. The irony of exceeding yourself is that it usually happens after you have perceived failure. Only when extending yourself is created as a need in your mind, will you be able to do so.

5.  Analytical paralysis is the ego's way of keeping you rooted in your intellect rather than your spirit. But when you drop your brain, you actually give your body & soul a chance to shine and yourself to grow. When you let go mentally, you are giving yourself a phenomenal chance to step up to the edge. The most important muscle to cultivate is the ‚letting go muscle. It is the hardest one to locate but most essential to develop for growth and success.

6.  When we encounter situations, the fight or flight mechanism is activated and we gear up to do battle or flee the scene. But there is a 3rd option and that is just to STAY AND BREATHE. If you start to see a reaction rising and feel your emotional feathers ruffled, step back from yourself, watch your breath and feel the reaction dissipate. Halting your cycle of reactiveness allows you to have a perspective shift, so that you have a chance to respond in better and more positive ways.

7.  Don't try hard! Try easy!!! Trying hard invites strain and struggle. You are using your willpower which comes from the intellect and it is a brute force. Trying easy gives you the levity and freedom to fly. It is a deep sense of letting go - not of the effort but the struggle which creates tension, constraints and limits the mind. Your ego is in it and you are probably driven by ambition that creates imbalance and suffering.

Cheers! Ameeta Patel (Director)

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