Thursday, 1 April 2010

Your Third Space

What do you do when you get common cold or cough or have mild fever? Pop a pill? That seems to be a quick solution to the problem.

What methods our ancestors used to adopt when they used to fall sick? There were no pills available during their time.  They used to take natural products to relieve the acute symptoms and then they would leave the rest for the body to heal itself.  That may be one of the reasons for their good health and longetivity.

Why are we not following the same process now?

Is it because we want quick fix? Or Are we ignorant? Or do we choose to be ignorant?

I believe we require a space where we can

  • Be educated in the right way to manage our health

  • Get a holistic and integrated approach to maintain our health

  • Long term and sustainable approaches to good health

  • To be empowered to manage our health in the right way

Since home (family) is the first space and office (work) is the second space in our life, do we really have that third space which can bring about a revolution in our lifestyle?

The Third Space

Thomas Parr, an Englishman in seventeen century lived for 152 years and an autopsy revealed that his organs were as healthy as the day he was born.

The very existence of healthy, vigorous centenarians in ancient time proves that the potential duration of human existence exceeds 100 years and longevity can be achieved without modern medicine. It can be argued that ability to reach a very old age requires a certain genetic constitutions, but it is certain that it depends even more on the ways of life.

Dr. Alexander Leaf of Harvard Medical School has made extensive clinical and social observations on very old people in several parts of the world. He suggests that longevity is correlated with a rather frugal diet but of well balanced composition, vigorous and continued physical activity, and involvement in community affairs to the end of one's life.

Medicine is the only science, which has to be practiced in an art form. Hippocrates, the first major historical name in medicine, was both a theoretician and practitioner. He insisted that it is natural for a human body to heal itself, and that this process can generally take place even without the intervention of a physician. He defined physician as one who support the body and mind functions of patient to work towards fighting illness and avoid any treatment that might interfere with the healing process or that might do harm. Human brain has a natural drive to sustain the life process and to potentiate the entire body in the fight against disease and pain.

Pain reminded me on how we Indians are transforming from pain bearers to the most pain conscious people. Any hint of pain is to be banished as though it were the ultimate evil. As a result, we are becoming the nation of pill grabbers and hypochondriacs. Ignorance about pain is costing us our life. We can rattle off the names of at least dozen drugs that can deaden the pain. Ninety percent of pain is self limiting and not always an indication of poor health. But it is a result of tension, stress, worry, idleness, frustration, overeating, inadequate exercise, suppressed rage, or any other form of abuses encountered in modern society. Best way to eliminate pain is to eliminate the abuse. Not only are we ignorant about the nature of pain, our ignorance about the way pain-killing drugs work is worse. These drugs conceal the pain without correcting the underlying condition. They deaden the mechanism in the body that alerts the brain to the fact that something may be wrong.

Every individual must accept a certain measure of responsibility for his or her own Good Health as well as a recovery from a disease condition. Human mind has a natural ability to mobilize the body's capacity to combat illness. We need to create environment so that disease should leave us rapidly because it found so little hospitality inside our body.  So use doctor's geniuses in helping you use your own powers, and mobilize your own natural healing resources. At 2mpower, we believe in this philosophy. Consider it as the third space in your life where you can get an integrated and holistic approach towards good health.

From the desk of your health manager - Mohammed Hussain Naseem

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