Friday, 1 January 2010

New Year Resolution - Your Attitude Really Matters

Clock is ticking for the New Year 2010 to begin. Many of you would already be in a mood to party. This is also a time when new resolutions are made. Many of us have seen these resolutions evaporating in thin air within weeks of its birth many times in the past. It may happen this year too.

Despite of our right intentions and resolve; why we fail to adhere to them?

Let Ameeta Patel (Director & Head Nutrition) help you analyze this. And hopefully you can break the jinx in 2010.

Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal; nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude - Thomas Jefferson

Re-wiring your Mind - Secrets Revealed!

In any process "Technique is only 20% and the other 80% is the Attitude".  That means, 20% of success is the result of actual mechanics of achievement.  The other 80% comes from your attitude and thought process.  The -how to- element (technique) isn't the problem; it is how receptive we are to growth and change (attitude). This determines how far we can go.


By going on a diet or superficially & temporarily altering our habits we are only addressing the symptoms and not the Root of the Matter.  Will-power holds the negative actions in check for a while but does not ultimately change the doer. It changes only what you do.  The result is a temporary alteration.


Einstein had very rightly mentioned 'Problems cannot be solved at the same level of awareness that created them.' When you focus on problems, you get more of the same.

When you make that deep internal shift from your problem solving mind to your truth knowing mind, the search for answers is over. Now the process of more fully accepting and owning what you are has begun. You stop trying to fix yourself and start being yourself. What you focus on, you create.

RE-WIRING YOUR MIND FROM WITHIN IS WHERE IT ALL BEGINS. The actual psychic surgery happens through Surrender to a willingness to see things in a new way.

Where do these opportunities for change lie?

At a place called 'Edge'. Edge is the point when you are still within your capacities but are challenging yourself to go just a little further. Most of us live in an inner comfort zone putting constraints on ourselves. We have all limiting beliefs (blocks) in our minds that hold us back. They fester in the subconscious and moments of opportunities they whisper you can't, too difficult, not possible etc.

Secret: Push yourself just little further than Edge. Identify the blocks within, work on dissolving them. This is done by adopting a new and different way of looking at things and approaching to solve them.

Doubt your doubts and they vanish;
Feel your fears and they fade;
Let go your worries and they fail to materialize;
Life is all about letting go;
It's all about our attitude towards life.

Let's begin the New Year with this new endeavor and a positive attitude towards Healthy Living!

With this happy note Team 2mpower would like to wish its Members and Well Wishers Season's Greetings and a Very Happy New Year 2010

Team 2mpower - Ameeta, Dr. Aarti, Dr. Bajaj, Dr. Khushboo, Dr. Lata, Megha, Mohammed, Murtaza, Rohini, Srinivas

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