Sunday, 1 November 2009

Basics of Physical Exercise

Most of you may have read about Ms. Anuradha Vaidyanathan of Bangalore. She became the first Indian woman to compete and complete the Ultraman Canada Endurance Race, considered as the ultimate endurance race for a tri-athlete in the world. This event was held in British Columbia region this Fall season. She completed the race in 35:13:58 hours, covering 10km of swim, 420 km of biking, followed by 84.3 km of running.  Most of us will think this is inhuman, impossible for Indians, where marathon is considered foreign.

I am citing this just to show the capacity of human body. It is unbelievable. It is the most marvellous of creation of God by far. If managed well both in terms of mental and physical strength, it can be the wonderful home for your soul. Unfortunately, due to our busy life style plus ignorance of the fact that body requires adequate exercise to metabolize and assimilate nutrients, which we intake through food, we continuously abuse this marvellous piece of Gift of God.

Hence, physical exercise is a must for proper sustenance of human body function. I am NOT subscribing to the fact that you have to spend endless hours in gym or fitness centres, which have mushroomed throughout the city. If you can spend 15-20min every week day, and 45-60min on weekends to do exercise which focuses on flexibility, muscle toning, and aerobic activity, you have done justice to yourself.

Physical exercise play following role in body functioning: Improves strength and tone of muscles, improves strength of bones, increases endurance, maintains flexibility of joints, nourishes and detoxify organs, strengthen immune system, increases metabolism which help in building molecular structures, reduces body fat etc. 15-20min of exercise speeds up metabolism for 8-10 hrs after you stop exercising! And above all, it refreshes mind, thereby strengthens concentration power.

If I have to prescribe exercise for you - my suggestion is to start with Surya Namaskar. It is by far the most comprehensive body stretch, and once repeated multiple times, gives you cardiac workout as well. And it needs hardly any space. You can combine this with walking on weekends. For beginners, you can start with two cycle, and gradually increase this to ten.

And let me tell you exercise is addictive. Once you start, body secretes Endorphin hormone, which gives you FEEL GOOD factor. And this will give body a yearn for doing it again the next day. Try for few days, and then it will be routine for you.

2mpower Health Management has been started with the vision to EMPOWER YOU, the Consumers of Health. Today, we play ignorant when it comes to health matters, and leave the decision making to third party. 2mpower helps educate you, support you, encourage you, and finally empowers you, so that YOU can take charge of YOUR health forever.

From the desk of your Health Manager,

Mohammed Hussain Naseem

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